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Assalamualaikum everyone.
How are you? Alhamdulillah, Bless to Allah who give us such as opportunity to breath, to think, even to write such as good article. Today, I would like to share another good article. Actually, the article is one of my research and it is not belong to me alone.

Last Sem, I and my friends; Huda, Aisyah, Mutiara and Kak Jannah wrote some research about money and implementing Islamic Gold Dinar in our economy. Thanks guys, you are cool because give permission to post our work in my blog. Thanks again.

Some people claim that implementing Gold Dinar is something impossible to happen. However, for us, and for those who believe on Islamic Gold Dinar believe that the day will coming. Thus, based on our string belief, we come up with the topic as one of our research in UNGS class.

Misunderstanding regarding Gold Dinar rises lately and the issue become hot in Malaysia when Ustaz Nik Aziz try to practice it in Kelantan. This is because ISLAMIC Gold Dinar stress on equality whether you are Muslim or not, and it also more stable in terms of value.

Then, some ' orang-orang besar negara' rise up and oppose this idea even there are Muslim. Funny right, Because there are hidden agenda behind that. Islamic Gold Dinner practice directly will detract capitalism power in hold our economy system. Then, today, I would like to share with reader about our finding, effort, and our own point of view regarding this matter. I hope, our research will give lots of benefit to all of you..


1.0. Introduction

Economy is a very important element in developing One's society. Without economy, one's society will have difficulties to survive. It is very essential for political means in governing the society. The world today is currently practicing Western-made economic system that promotes secularism and capitalism. Secularism is asserting the right to be free from any religious or beliefs, meanwhile, capitalism is a social system based on the recognition of individuals right.Economical system is really concern with the medium of exchange where trading, production, and distribution occur. In this modern era, we use notes as the official medium of exchange. Furthermore, the currency of today's economic system is totally depending on the US dollar.

However, this secular economic system that we currently practice has no longer been trusted. The circulation of the money using notes among the society is not so clear. The secular economic practice of bank, credit card, stock exchange, insurance, and other economical trade seems to bring devastating and negative impacts. Due to corruption and unclear systemic economy management, the fate of people in the society seems to be in danger. Despite all this ruin, there is a system that is safe and secure the future of the world- which is practicing the Islamic economy system by using gold as the currency.

In the Al-Quran, Surah Al-Baqarah verses 138, Allah has stated that the system that based on revelation is better than man made, that carries out the meaning that Islamic economical system is far better than secular.

(And say, "Ours is) the religion of Allah. And who is better that Allah

in (ordaining) religion? And we are worshippers of Him."


In Malaysia, the implementation of the gold dinar is initiated by the 4Th Prime Minister of Malaysia, Tun Dato' Dr. Mahathir Mohammad. In a recent announcement, he did mention that he wants to use the Islamic Gold Dinar in place of the US dollar for overseas trade. Many People are stunned and thought this is very conservative and old-tangled economy technique that is inappropriate to be practice in this 21Th century. However, the initiation of the gold dinar is a very brilliant start in implementing the Islamic economy system. The use of gold as currency seem becomes more popular as gold have the intrinsic value that paper money did not have.

~ Cinta sejati tidak akan bertambah kerana kebaikan, dan tidak berkurangan kerana kelemahan~



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